Emma Bodger, Emmy award-winning director, producer, and showrunner

Radio Radio

You can literally go anywhere on radio, there are no location or set building limitations, just the power of music, sounds, and words. It was in 2011 when I realised what a wealth of storytelling technique I was missing out on. And I’m still using the powerful lessons I learned in radio working back in film and television today.

BBC Radio Wales

Driving home for Christmas

I was director and producer for this five part radio drama written by five different writers—new to radio—residing in different parts of Cymru/Wales. The project was a collaboration between Radio Wales, BBC Radio Drama, BBC Learning and Interactive, and Cyfle. It included an interactive online map where listeners could experience various added-value content.

BBC Drama

Various projects

Development producer. Nurturing, sourcing, and uncovering new writing talent. I sought out diverse voices and developed projects for the afternoon drama slot.

BBC Radio 4

Dream Repair

I was the director and producer of this 45 minute radio drama, working with a first-time writer and featuring David Gysai and Georgia Taylor.

BBC Radio 4

Jailbird Lover

I was the director and producer of this 45 minute radio drama, working with first-time writers Charles Dale and Suzanne Packer.

BBC Radio 4

Deep Country

This charming three-part drama follows the true story of Neil, who took himself off to a remote cottage and survived living only on his wits. This series has been repeated several times on Radio 4 and gains new fans with each airing.

Well Told Story

Jipange Mtaani

Executive Producer of 24 episodes of this radio drama series aimed at Kenyan farm workers, with printed support materials. Finding and working with writers new to radio.

Well Told Story

Jongo Love

Jongo is a fictional settlement somewhere on the outskirts of Nairobi. I script-edited 24 episodes, produced, and directed the first twelve, and supported a local producer and director to complete the series. I also championed multi-platform storytelling. I made short guerrilla style videos on location to show parts of the story which radio was unable. These viral videos became the genesis of the Jongo Love TV series and feature film. This multi-platform production was nominated for an International Emmy in 2013.

BBC Radio 4

Director / Producer

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