Emma Bodger, Emmy award-winning director, producer, and showrunner

Director Director

My directing career began in 1998 when I wrote and directed Joint Venture, my first short film, an award-winning, gritty story about an unusual, intergenerational friendship. Since then, I’ve directed several films for cinema including the RTS-winning Dead Drunk which I also co-wrote.

I’m used to working at all budget levels and have directed on 35mm, 16mm, and, 4K formats. One of my most innovative projects was Jongo Love, a feature film shot on location in Kenya entirely on a smartphone.

I’ve also directed many hours of prime-time television drama containing complex stunts and SFX sequences and have enjoyed guiding the performances of established actors including Stephen Graham, David Gysai, John Hannah, David Harewood, and Duncan Pow as well as nurturing new talent. During my time at CBBC, I loved directing the animation for a special episode.

Channel 4

Hollyoaks, The Long Walk Home

I’m currently producing Channel 4’s flagship show. In 2022, I directed and produced “The Long Walk Home.” This RTS-nominated special episode was featured on Gogglebox and contrasts the journey home of two central characters—one male, one female—after a night out and it ends with a violent attack.


River City

Set in the fictional Glasgow district of Shieldinch, I directed two hours of this weekly TV drama for BBC Scotland.

Well Told Story

Jongo Love

I directed this low-budget TV series and feature film. Shot on a smartphone and set in the world of street dance in a fictional Nairobi slum, Jongo Love has a strong action thriller narrative and has been praised for it’s authenticity and veracity.


Fair City Special Bubble

Set in Carrigstown, a fictional suburb of Dublin, I directed episodes of this prime time RTE soap which formed a Halloween Special.



I directed several episodes for this popular BBC ONE prime-time series including the 2006 Homeless Special.


Dream team

I directed three episodes of Sky One’s prime-time football drama which starred David Gysai and Duncan Pow.


Where the Heart Is

I was lead director for this prime-time Sunday night drama which is set in the Yorkshire Dales and was shot on 16mm film. I worked on two series and directed four episodes.



I was lead director on the first seven episodes of this childrens’ sci-fi drama. It was billed as “The X-files for Kids” and involved green screen and special effects post-production.


Night and Day

I directed 30 episodes with weekly omnibuses and alternative, post-watershed material. The show starred Lysette Antony, Glynis Barber, Stephanie Leonidas, Joe McGann, Lesley Joseph, and Bradley Walsh.

Capsule Films promotion

I wrote, directed and co-produced this promotional film starring Zoe Lucker for start-up company Capsule Films.

Channel 4


I directed 14 episodes of Channel 4’s famous flagship soap opera.

Channel 4


I directed two episodes of Channel 4’s youth-oriented soap opera.

Boys Don’t Cry

I directed this short film for NorthWest Vision / UK Film Council which played at several international festivals.

Dead Drunk

I directed this short film, shot on 16mm film which was sold to BBC and won the RTS Award in 2003.

Joint Venture

I wrote, directed, and co-produced this award-winning short film starring Edna Dore and Stephen Graham. It was screened at several international festivals and was sold to Canal+ in France and Spain.